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Bickmore Bick LP is specially formulated to provide industrial strength leather protection for all of your hardest working leather goods. Bick LP will extend the life of your leather, providing heavy duty protection against water, excessive heat, caustic chemicals, petroleum, acids, and salt. Leather quickly loses its natural oils with heavy use, resulting in premature cracking, dry rot, and stitch tear. The natural waxes and oils found in Bick LP nourish and protect your leather from this premature wear and provide an impenetrable barrier against any scuffs, abrasions, mold, mildew, and bacteria.


Apply Bickmore Bick LP by hand, working the LP in the fibers of damp or dry leather. Apply evenly across surface and work well into any seams to provide stitching with extra protection.

(Optional): For an easier application, warm Bickmore Bick LP with a hair dryer or other heat source before applying. This will also aid in the absorption into the leather.

For extreme waterproofing, use two applications of Bickmore Bick LP. Allow first application to absorb for 5 minutes before applying the second. This will provide your leather with a long lasting, heavy duty defense against the wettest of conditions.

Bickmore Heavy Leather Protection

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