Please allow 3-6 weeks lead time.

  BLACK Bridle Leather Hand-crafted Leather Radio Strap, Bucket and Anti-Sway COMBO Package.


   Adjustable Radio Strap measures 57-67" long (include your sizing if different) and 1-3/4" wide for better weight distribution, this allows us to use a more comfortable wearing 9-12oz leather, giving you the benefit of less shoulder fatigue on extended scenes and our width helps prevent twisting.

Our attachment points feature 2 Copper rivets for added strength (other than small sway strap), vertical mic mount and 2 Belt loops (cord keepers).


     Our Radio Straps are made to your design.  All our listed stamps, colors and stitching included.  Choose any stamp designs from the list you would like include the location you would like it embossed, the paint color, hardware and stitching color in the design box provided. 


Stamp Designs

American Flags

-Horizontal American Flag (Rectangle)

-Horizontal War Torn American Flag

-Vertical War Torn American Flag

-Vertical War Torn American Flag with Axe

-Vertical American Flag with Axe (Rectangle)

-American Flag Maltese Cross

-American Flag Police Badge

-Horizontal Waving American Flag

-American Flag Punisher


First Responder Designs

-Scramble Tools of the Trade (Crossed Helmet, Hook, Ladder, Axe)

-Thin-Red-Line Maltese

-Thin-Red-Line American Flag Maltese

-American Flag Maltese

-Alabama Maltese

-Texas Maltese

-Tennessee Tri-Star Maltese

-Irish Maltese

-Italian Maltese

-German Maltese

-Maltese with FD in center

-IAFF Maltese Maltese with Fire Dept & Scramble

-Maltese Cross only (Empty in center, can be outlined)

-Tactical Medic (Snake-entwined staff, wing on one side & pistol on other)

-Star Of Life

-Star of Life/Maltese Combo (Half Star & Half Maltese)

-Fire Helmet with FD on front

-Mill Creek Fire Dragon

-9/11 Tribute

-Crossed Axes

-Crossed Irons

-Crossed New York Hooks

-Skull with Fire Helmet

-Skull with Fire Helmet & Crossed axes

-Punisher with Fire Helmet

-Haz-Mat Diamond

-Shamrock (3-leaf)

-4-Leaf Clover


-Fire Hose/Nozzle Ribbon


Miscellaneous designs


-Tennessee Tri-Star (Circle with 3 stars)

-Yoda head (Star Wars)

-Wonder Woman logo (W)

-Captain America Shield


-Ducks Unlimited (Duck Head)

-Flying Duck



-Florida Gators Logo (Gator Head)

-Arrow Head

-Crucifix (Christian Cross)

-HELM (Ship’s Steering Wheel)

-Dog Paw

-Rose Flower

-Dragon Fly


-Longhorn (Cattle)

-Heart with Wings

-Thumbs-up hand

-Hands making Heart

-Autism Puzzle Piece

-Washington Capitals Logo


Military Designs

-U.S. Army Logo (Square over Rectangle with Star)

-U.S. Army Seal Logo

-U.S. Army Engineer Corps Castle

-Marine EGA (Eagle, Globe, Anchor)

-173rd Airborne insignia (Wing holding Sword under Airborne)

Hardware options: Antique Brass, Shiny Brass, Antique Nickel, Gunmetal, Copper, Chrome and Black.

Please include the options you want when placing order or send us an email with the details. If you don't see what you're looking for please contact us, we update our options regularly and many not update the listing as quickly.

For how to wear a radio strap please visit this link.

For all other stain options & fitted straps (no buckle adjustment) please see contact us at for quote.

We also sell these items individually, see other listings.

BLACK Radio Strap Combo Set

Paint Colors
Leather Stain: Black
Paint Outline